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New stock from Roco.

1st class fast train coach type Ame "Halberstädter" of the Deutsche Reichsbahn.

* Freestanding handles

* Rich detailing on the bogies

* Buffer beams can be retrofitted

* Model with true to original interior design

* The model has a different running number than item 74816.

The IEx (InterExpress-Zug) trains were introduced as a new type in the international train fleet of East Germany's Deutsche Reichsbahn during the timetable change of May 1986. Their destinations were the capital cities of East Germany's socialist sister states. These trains were always equipped with the latest rolling stock in the inventories of the respective railway administrations. The most modern carriage types at this time were the large-capacity comfort coaches, which were manufactured in Bautzen and featured air conditioning and swivelling sliding doors. In order to standardise the appearance of such trains, some "Halberstädter" passenger coaches were painted in the same colour scheme and used as back-up coaches.

General data

CouplingNEM shaft 362 with close coupling mechanismAC Wheel set Article number40196ScaleH0EpochIVArticle number74815Interior fittingModel with interior furnishing, Interior lighting can be retrofittedOriginal (country)GermanyRailway CompanyDR


Interior lighting Article number40420ControlDC Analog

Roco DR 1st Class Passenger Car 74815 HO Scale DC

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