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About Us

Flash back to the early 1980's

The setting is a small town in Germany called Diepholz.  Since this was my mom's hometown, I spent summers there visiting. Highlights of my childhood included swimming, and biking through the countryside. However, my favorite thing about visiting was the time spent riding the German Rail System. It was enamored when we would take the train to Bremen to visit my other family. In the mid 80's my mom gifted me my first ROCO train set. It included the DB 103 Electric Locomotive and several matching passenger cars.  Although the majority of my collecting came later, this was the beginning of a lifelong hobby and interest.

My wife and I, live in the suburbs of the Pittsburgh area. We have 3 adopted hounds, and work full time positions. I am an  engineer, and my wife works in healthcare. Euro Trains USA started as a buy/sell/trade hobby, and has blossomed into a small business that I truly enjoy!

We appreciate you visiting the site, and thank you for your patronage.

If you have any questions, or concerns please reach out to us. It is our commitment to our customers to send orders quickly, and assist with your train hobby needs.

We are working on adding international shipping as requested. Please send us a message if you have an international shipping request. 

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