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Need ideas or reviews of items that we have in the store? This is the place that highlights products that have been added to the store display. 

Todays featured items are the Roco Ralpin rolling Highway. The Ralpin was partially developed to allow trucks a cost effective way to cross  Switzerland on Sundays and nights when trucks were banned on the roads. These trains consist of an electric locomotive, followed by a passenger car(For the truck drivers ) and several flat cars which the tractor trailer trucks are loaded onto. In addition to getting around the driving ban, it allows the drivers time to rest and helps with the reduction of pollution. Roco did an excellent job creating these models  that should be a staple for any European Model Railroad collector. Check out the short video below which includes The Roco SBB RAlpin BR 186 locomotive, the RAlpin passenger car and several of the flat cars for tractor trailers. All of these items are available in our store. This consists of RAlpin SBB DCC Sound locomotive 70733, RAlpin passenger car 64769 and RAlpin flat cars 76341 and 76342


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