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New stock from roco

Electric locomotive series 193 from the logistics company

■ Sound-ready

■ Prototypical implementation with detailed roof design

■ Free-standing handlebars, partly made of metal

■ Use in international freight transport

■ In digital operation with switchable high beam and individually switchable head or tail lights

“Sound-ready” models have a jumper plug for use on your analog system, a loudspeaker and a buffer capacitor. Therefore, subsequent digitization can be carried out independently. You can find an instructional video on the ROCO YouTube channel.ROCO Customer Service and your specialist dealer will also support you with questions and installation. If you want to drive digitally without sound, you can get started after installing a cheaper “driving decoder without sound”. Sound fans have the opportunity to order the corresponding decoder from their specialist dealer for a price advantage of €25 on the current price.This gives you the greatest possible flexibility in the technical design of your models: you can immediately use the analogue Enjoy driving fun and still have the choice to what extent you want to digitize your model has been connecting the German seaports of Bremerhaven and Hamburg with the economic regions since it was founded in 2000 in and around Frankfurt/Main, Dortmund, Stuttgart, Munich and Nuremberg. The transport concept consists of the largely uninterrupted operation of block trains. In addition to almost 1,000 container wagons, 31 locomotives, four of which are Vectron multi-system locomotives, are now available to pull the trains.Smartron and Vectron are registered trademarks of Siemens AG

General data

couplingNEM 362 shaft with KK kinematics

Minimum radius358mm


Number of driven axles4

Number of axles with traction tires1

item number60951



Railway companyADJUSTER


Top light3 headlights / 2 tail lights, depending on the direction of travel

LED headlightYes

additional light functionYes

Interior lightingYes, LED, cab lighting

Electricity systemDC analogue

interfaceElectrical interface for PluX22 locomotivesBuffer capacitorYes


Length over buffers218mm

Roco Box express BR 193 Electric Locomotive 60951 HO Scale DCC sound ready

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