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Catenary set for an oval track (184 cm x 84 cm), consisting of 24 masts item 4110, 4 middle masts item 4112, 9 contact wires 36 cm from item 4143, 7 contact wires 17.25 cm from item 4132, 16 contact wires 14, 2 cm from item 4133, 2 contact wire adjustment pieces item 4139 and a contact wire assembly jig item 4196. If you want to operate the catenary properly (i.e. live), you need a connection mast item 4111, the fuse holder item 4188 with fuses and Y-ropes Art. 4170, which ensure an optimal connection between the contact wires. Suitable for the ICE2 digital starter set from Märklin, item 29792.

H0 ICE catenary set 4101

Expected by Mid March 2023
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