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New stock from Noch

Cock-a-Doodle-Doo... the Hens Sit Above the Cockerel on the Perch

The NOCH Laser-Cut mini “Henhouse” is ideal for making rural scenes on a model landscape even more lifelike. A small, lovingly recreated “Henhouse” is part of every farm. Many farmers have a small brood of hens in addition to the usual cowshed. So that the animals have a roof over their head at night as well as a place to lay their eggs, you mostly find a henhouse. Here, the clucking hens are safe together with the cockerel. During the day, the animals like to roam around outside looking for grains, worms and other delicacies in the vast meadows and fields. But in the evening, they hurry back into the henhouse. Recreate idyllic landscape scenes on your model layout and draw even more attention to it with true-to-life details like the “Henhouse”.

Noch hen house 14378 HO scale

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