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Steam locomotive 555.022 of the Czechoslovak State Railways.

Drive on two axles of the tender and via cardan shaft on all five locomotive driving axles.

■ Finely-detailed model with many separately attached plug-in parts

■ With fine metal wheelsets

■ Retrofittable smoke generator

After the war, a total of 185 German steam locomotives of the class 52 remained in what was then Czechoslovakia. The locomotives were integrated by the CSD State Railways into their own fleet as the class 555.0. During their years of service and the delivery of further series, these heavy locomotives were in part converted to oil main firing, which above all made life easier for the locomotive personnel. In the year 1973, the last CSD 555, designated the 555.0259, was retired from service. The locomotives were rapidly given the nickname “Nemka”, which translates as “The German” to indicate their origin.

General data

CouplingClose coupler motion link between locomotive and tender, NEM shaft 362 with close coupling mechanism at the tenderMinimum radius358 mmFlywheelyesZ-21 CabyesNumber of driven axles7Number of axles with traction tyres2ScaleH0EpochIII-IVArticle number7100001Railway CompanyCSD


Smoke generator Article number (digital)Seuthe steam unit no. 11Motor5-pole motorSmoke generator Article number (analog)Seuthe steam unit no. 10Smoke generator retrofittableyesHead lightBoth sides of the vehicle are equipped with direction dependent triple headlights.LED head lightyesControlDC AnalogInterfaceElectrical interface for traction units according to NEM 652 standards with plug-in fixture


Length over buffer265 mm

Roco CSD 555.022 Steam Locomotive 710001 HO Scale DCC ready

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